Exploring the ancient craft of natural soap making.
Handmade in small batches in Albany NY (Haudenosaunee:Mohican territory)
Baabda Soap was founded in 2019 to explore ancient recipes, ingredients & methods found in soap making. It is a space to share the discoveries: natural, delicate, sustainable & multipurpose soap bars for everyone to enjoy & benefit from. We are proud to use few timeless ingredients in the recipes & to continuously be looking for more eco friendly solutions from production to shipping.
Bar soap has been made in the Middle East for over a thousand years & there are many different kinds throughout each region. The Aleppo soap from Syria is one of the oldest soaps & includes a unique ingredient: laurel oil. In Lebanon the Baladi soap is still being made with 100% pure & local olive oil as always. Apart from their interesting background, there's something very inviting about their tactile blocky shape & how unique they smell. We hope to honor these recipes with our Baabda versions & share new kinds as we discover more soaps. Our bars are hand made in small batches using both hot and cold process methods, depending on the recipe. Once made, they are given several months to cure to ensure the longevity, quality, effectiveness & lather of the bar. The result? Imagine a lotion that cleanses & reduces skin irritation by encouraging you to gently lather the soap thoroughly on your skin. Use Baabda soaps at home for bathing & washing chores, at community bathhouses (Hammams) or after a swim at the pool, we are confident they will become a staple in your household. Our soaps have a minimal scent & a delicate lather which makes them suitable for all.