Baabda x Leighton Wilkins

I've had the pleasure of meeting Leighton about a year ago & have always been so inspired with his bright, unique & lively work. We often have conversations of how small scale creatives can support one another & how we could make our work more accessible to the public. As makers who value ancestry in our final products, we thought a collaboration was due.

Leighton is a 22 year old traditional & digital artist. He began to draw as a toddler & has always had a passion to create. His work evolves beautifully as he tries to explore as many art styles & mediums as possible, from wood carving to illustrations. Prominent features in his work are his love for nature, along with inspiration from his African ancestry.

Enjoy a card with Leighton Wilkins' art with every purchase.
Support the artist directly via IG: @Nahugoodbro