Baabda - بعبدا

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  • Baabda - بعبدا
  • Baabda - بعبدا

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Baabda is a timeless, pure & unscented 100% olive oil recipe. Also known as Baladi (or Castile) soap. It does not contain any laurel.

This bar cleanses & moisturizes all skin & hair types delicately. It is free of any additives making it suitable for children. Enjoy it in your daily routine, after a dip in the pool or exposure to dry weather. Baabda is also a great overall household cleaner & base to make cleaning products that require Baladi/Castile soap.

-Scent: subtle, creamy, natural
-Minimum weight: 8.5oz (Every soap is made, cut & stamped by hand. The variances between each bar do not affect the quality of the product.)
Ingredients: Saponified olive oil (100%)

Information: Baabda is based on the traditional Lebanese Baladi soap (صابون بلدي). Baladi bars vary in color depending on the region in which they are made because of the use of local olives. The oldest variety used to make soap is the Baladi olive. Just like Castile soap, it is a simple bar made of only 100% olive oil.