Dish soap

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  • Dish soap
  • Dish soap
  • Dish soap

An unscented, sudsy dish soap bar made of hearty coconut & olive oil with exfoliating ground orange peels. Powerfully cleansing for your dishes & gentle enough on your hands to get the task done without damaging your skin. Works very well with a natural loofah sponge. This bar can be drying if used long term on skin.

Can also be applied on dry fabric to help remove stains before washing, simply rub the dry bar soap to the desired area.

Scent: natural, creamy, slightly sweet
Minimum weight: 8.5oz (Every soap is made, cut & stamped by hand. The variances between each bar do not affect the quality of the product.)
Ingredients: Saponified coconut(50%) & olive(50%) oil, ground orange peels