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Jasmine Sun - شمس الياسمين

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  • Jasmine Sun - شمس الياسمين

As bright & nourishing as the sun, calendula petals were infused in olive oil for this dream smelling bar. This is a semi-mild Aleppo soap recipe, with 15% laurel.

Enjoy this bar in your daily shower/bath or when your skin needs special attention. It works great as a shampoo followed by a conditioner or apple cider vinegar rinse. Bentonite clay can benefit oily skin & gives the soap a creamy lather, allowing the bar to be used as a shaving cream as well.

-Scent: floral, hypnotic, earthy
-Minimum weight: 8.5oz (Every soap is made, cut & stamped by hand. The variances between each bar do not affect the quality of the product.)
Ingredients: Saponified calendula macerated olive (85%) oil, laurel (15%) oil, bentonite clay, calendula petals, essential oils

Information: Calendula is known for its healing, moisturizing & rejuvenating properties.