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  • Luffa
  • Luffa

For your skin or your dishes. Natural dried Egyptian luffas (luffa aegyptiaca) are a compostable & sustainable alternative to plastic loofahs & sponges. Use in the shower to clean & exfoliate the body. Use it for household chores to scrub without damaging. Now offering full length luffas! They are great for families & to cut into the size you'd like.

The luffa will arrive to you shrunk, simply soak it in water for up to 15 minutes to allow it to expand. Allow to dry between uses. Once the luffa is loose & stringy, simply throw it in the compost. May include some seeds.

Approx. size:
Dish scrub: 4" x 4"
Shower luffa: 6.5" x 4"
Whole luffa: up to 30"