Soap one offs

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  • Soap one offs

Some bars are cut a little too slanted, others have a failed stamp or swirl mark, all of them are still great soaps :)

What's currently in stock:

8oz Bushra: Saponified olive oil (85%), laurel oil (15%), henna powder, henna oil. Discolored swirls

4oz Coffee laurel: Saponified olive & laurel oil, mango butter, coffee seed oil, coffee extract, ground coffee, Moroccan red clay. Design didn't look the way I intended it to be.

8oz Jourie: Saponified olive oil (85%), laurel oil (15%), rose clay, rose oil blend. Small chunks of air pockets.

8oz Jasmine Sun: Saponified olive oil (85%) infused with calendula, laurel oil (15%), jasmine oil, bentonite clay, calendula petals. A little (accidental) extra clay in these ones.

Neroli pearls: Saponified olive oil, tussah silk, neroli oil, frankincense oil. Small air pockets + some uneven lines.