Use & Care

Baabda soaps are long lasting if cared for properly. With everyday use in the shower, your bar should last around 1-3+ months & can last up to 1 year!

1. Allow the outer shell of the soap to wash off during the first use.

2. It is important to keep away from direct moisture.

3. If your soap starts to make strands of glycerin, allow it to dry completely between uses or massage the strands on body. The glycerin is very conditioning & won't affect the quality of the cleaning.

4. Please note that our soaps are 100% natural, which means they will work & show better results over time. Your scalp, hair & face may need several weeks to adjust or show results if you are switching from commercial products.

5. Although these soaps are safe for sensitive skin & children, we recommend doing a test patch & to avoid contact with eyes!

6. We recommend using Baabda soaps within a year for optimal results.

7. Store somewhere dry, dark & away from heat for up to 3 years. Pantries, closets & clothing drawers are a great spot for them.
HANDS: we suggest following the CDC's instructions for the importance of washing your hands. To use our bars, simply wet hands & lather, then squeeze off as much water as possible when done.

FACE: apply soap on dry or damp skin & massage thoroughly, carefully avoiding the eyes. Rinse off with warm water & pat dry.

BODY: gently scrub on soaked loofah or damp washcloth to lather.

HAIR: wet hair with lukewarm water, then gently lather the bar on your scalp. Massage consistently & rinse off very well. Repeat as needed. A diluted apple cider vinegar rinse or your favourite conditioner is recommended after washing.

LAUNDRY: 1 part grated soap + 1/2 part borax + 1/2 part washing soda. Use 2 tbsp. for a medium load.
-Grated soap: removes stains
-Borax: cleanses & protects fabric
-Washing Soda: boosts cleansing power, softens water

DISHES: gently rub sponge or scrub on soap with water.

FRESHNER: To diffuse a clean scent, keep a piece of your soap bar in your dresser drawer, clean laundry basket, closet or any other dry space.